Stephen E. Bronner Dissertation Award

Stephen E. Bronner Dissertation Award

For an outstanding Political Science dissertation finished within the previous year of the APSA Meeting which exemplifies the commitment to use scholarship in the struggle to making the study of political science relevant to building a more democratic and egalitarian economic, social, and political order.

2021 Recipient:
Matt York, University College Cork

2021 Committee: 
Lucas Pinheiro (chair), Mindy Peden, William Sokoloff, Stephen E. Bronner (honorary)

Matt York’s dissertation, Imagining New Worlds: (R)evolutionary Love and Radical Social Transformation in the 21st Century, develops a remarkably rigorous and original account of love as an emancipatory political concept and praxis for social change. Imagining New Worlds makes an important contribution to theories of political, economic, and social transformation by employing participatory methods that bring the voices of ecological, anti-capitalist, feminist, and anti-racist activists to the fore of new political science research. As an outstanding example of scholar activism, York’s dissertation embodies the central pillar of the Stephen E. Bronner Dissertation Award: a commitment to using scholarship in the struggle for a better world.

Past Recipients
Lucas Pinheiro, University of Chicago
“Factories of Modernity: Labor, Aesthetics, and the Racial Politics of Historical Capitalism,” University of Chicago, 2019

2019: Igor Shoikhedbrod, University of Toronto
“Rights Discourse and Economic Domination: Thinking Beyond the Narrow Horizon of Liberal Justice,” University of Toronto, 2018

2018: Rafael Khachaturian, Indiana University
“Discipline, Knowledge, and Critique: Marxist Theory and the Revival of the State in American Political Science, 1968-1989.” Indiana University, 2017

2017: Kevin Funk, Spring Hill College
“Between National Attachments, Rooted Transnationalism, and Borderless Utopias: Searching for Imagined Communities in Latin America’s Booming Economic Relations with the Arab World.” University of Florida, 2016

2016: Dean Snyder, Antioch College
“Commercial Capital and the Political Economy of Agricultural Overproduction.” Syracuse University, 2015

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Deadline for nominations: April 1, 2022

Nomination Instructions: Nominations must be made in writing to the Committee Chair by a member of the dissertation committee or a scholar with relevant knowledge of the dissertation, and all three committee members must receive a copy by April 1st in order to be eligible for consideration.

Award Committee

Matt York, Chair
University College, Cork, Ireland
Rachel Brown
Washington University, St. Louis
Biko Koenig
Franklin and Marshall University
Stephen E. Bronner (honorary)
Rutgers University