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One Faculty, One Resistance – Fighting Targeted Harassment

1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure – (1940 Statement PDF)

Resisting the Harassment of Faculty

Targeted Online Harassment of Faculty – (Online Harassment PDF)

Taking a Stand Against Harassment

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Responding to Right-Wing Attacks

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New Political Science

  • Symposium: “Transformative Practices of Teacher-Scholar-Activists in the Era of Trump” 

Call For Papers

Introduction: Sarah T. Romano & Courtenay W. Daum

Adorno and Marcuse at the Barricades?: Critical Theory, Scholar-Activism, and the Neoliberal University: Bradley J. Macdonald & Katherine E. Young

Creating Student-Scholar-Activists: Discourse Instruction and Social Justice in Political Science Classrooms: Kelly A. Clancy & Kelly Bauer

“They Tried to Bury Us”: Scholar Advocacy in the Wake of the DACA Rescission: Eric Ishiwata & Susana M. Muñoz

Environmental Activism of Teacher-Scholars in the Neoliberal University: Sarah T. Romano & Wendy Highby

Conclusion: Teacher-Scholar-Activists in the Era of Trump: Where Do We Go from Here?: Sarah T. Romano & Courtenay W. Daum