Witness and Advocates

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Mission Statement

The Witness and Advocates group of the Caucus for New Political Science (CNPS) supports the values of academic freedom, free intellectual inquiry, and social justice necessary to sustain true democracy.  It is constituted to bear witness, collect resources, and organize networks of colleagues, who will stand with New Political Science members as well with all those working to advance the stated mission of New Political Science that come under attack for ideological or political reasons. Our goal is to share resources with our members and supporters by tracking threats to the values of the CNPS as reported by members, professional associates of CNPS members, or reliable news sources.   We will work to mobilize our members and their networks to resist attacks on basic academic freedoms, intellectual independence, democratic values, and the progressive academic community as CNPS strives “to make the study of politics relevant to the struggle for a better world.”

If you are experiencing political harassment or other issues related to academic freedom that you would like to share with colleagues in NPS, please complete this form and send it for the committee to review. For additional tools to cope with political harassment, please visit our Resources page or contact Isaac Kamola, Trinity College.

Resisting the Harassment of Faculty
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