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Paper Upload Instructions

One of your duties as a paper author at the 2022 APSA Annual Meeting and Exhibition is to upload your paper in advance of the conference. While it’s important for your session colleagues to have it to review in advance to prepare remarks, it’s also important for conference attendees to be able to peruse session details and papers as they decide which sessions to attend onsite. Please note that you may also wish to include your paper in the virtual meeting broadcast room as a handout for download. We will be sending out more information on this soon.

All papers must be uploaded by Thursday, September 1, 2022.

To upload your paper:

  1. Visit the conference program.
  2. Click “Sign In” on the left-hand side and log in using your APSA credentials.
  3. Click “Submission System Menu” on the left-hand side.
  4. Under the the Submitter Menu, click “View Submissions/Upload Papers.”
  5. Select the “Submissions” tab. (If you are not the original submitter, but are an author on the paper, you can also find the “Upload” link under the “Participations” tab.)
  6. Click the “Upload” link in the far right action column to upload your paper for the relevant session. Supported formats include Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, Word Perfect, Plain Text, and Rich Text Format (rtf). All files will be converted to Adobe Acrobat format. If you want to check the converted file, you may return to the site in 72 hours.
  7. Choose your file.
  8. Click “Upload and Continue.” You will receive confirmation of your uploaded submission by email within 24 hours.

To download papers:

  1. Log into the online program.
  2. Find the panel that you are interested in, and click on the title.
  3. If there are available downloads, you’ll see a “Download” button at the top of the session information (to the right of the “Add to Personal Schedule” button), along with how many downloads there are. When you click this button, it will display the paper that is available for download. Papers that are not yet available for download will be grayed out.

Upload your conference paper to APSA Preprints

Share your work with peers, obtain a DOI, get feedback, track metrics, and get ready for journal submission. Log in with your APSA member ID and choose “Working Paper” for your conference paper or “Presentation” if you are uploading slides or a PowerPoint.

Upload your papers here.

If you have any questions, please contact