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Travel Grants

Applications are now closed
Grantees will be notified in late June. 

APSA is pleased to provide both travel grants to attend the APSA Annual Meeting to qualified applicants including U.S. graduate students, international graduate students studying in the U.S., unemployed members, international scholars, community college faculty, contingent faculty, unemployed faculty, APSA Status Committee members, and any faculty member who has been furloughed or experienced a reduction in available research funds from their college or university.

Travel grants will only be available to those who participate in the APSA Annual Meeting in-person.  They can cover costs of travel to the Annual Meeting such as mileage for attendees who travel by car or plane tickets for attendees who arrive in Montréal by air.  Grants can also cover hotels, meals, and Annual Meeting related cab fare.

First time APSA Annual Meeting attendees and those on the job market or tenure track will receive priority consideration.  All grant recipients will be reimbursed for expenses after the Annual Meeting. 

The deadline to apply is May 31, 2022. Apply now>>

Travel Grant Use:

A travel grant from APSA can cover the following costs:

  • Ticket and cab fare: Economy bus, train, and plane tickets are covered, conference related cab fare around the conference city is also covered
  • Mileage: Mileage to the conference is reimbursable with a document showing the distance of your trip, should you travel to the conference by car
    • Mileage is reimbursable at the 2022 IRS standard mileage of 58.5 cents per mile traveled
    • You must also demonstrate that the cost of your mileage is less than the cost of a flight
    • As proof, APSA accepts a printed copy of the cost of a flight to the conference city on the days that you plan to travel and printed directions from sites like Google Maps as documentation
  • Hotels: The cost of a stay in a hotel, hostel, or other rented lodging such as Airbnb during the conference is covered
  • Meals: The cost of meals during the conference is covered

An APSA travel grant does not, however, cover any of the following costs:

  • Business or first-class tickets
  • Rental cars
  • Gasoline: Receipts for gas are not accepted – for APSA to cover the cost of a car trip to the conference, you must provide your mileage using the instructions above
  • Alcohol
  • Registration or APSA Membership: APSA cannot apply grant funds toward the cost of a membership or registration for the Annual Meeting
For a downloadable copy of APSA’s grant policy, please click here.