Michelle Allendoerfer’s Human Rights Syllabus 2019

George Andreopolous’ syllabus for intro course in international human rights: Pol 320 Syllabus-Fall 2016

George Andreopolous’ syllabus for MA course in International Criminal Law: ICJ 703-Spring 2019

Bethany Barratt’s Comparative Populisms Course

Kelly Bauer’s undergraduate HR syllabus. 

Maureen Feeley’s Human Rights Syllabus

Kristi Kenyon’s HR 2200 Syllabus 2019: Kristi Kenyon HR 2200 HIST 2512 syllabus 2019Final (2)

Kristi Kenyon’s Human Rights Capstone Course Syllabus 2019:Kristi Kenyon HRCaptone2019Final

Jamie Mayerfeld’s International Human Rights 2018 Syllabus: Mayerfeld International Human Rights 2018 syllabus

Kristen Monroe’s Human Rights Syllabus Fall 2018: Kristen Monroe UCI+syllabus+Fall+2018

Kristen Monroe’s Moral of Story Syllabus Spring 2019: Kristen Monroe Syllabus winter 2019 Final version Moral of story 1 17 2019

Roman Olar’s Human Rights Syllabus

Melanie Ram’s Human Rights Syllabus Spring 2019:  Melanie Ram Hrts syllabus spr19

Laura Roost’s 400-level Human Rights Syllabus

Laura Roost’s syllabus on gender, NGOs and human rights challenges to the state

Michael Struett’s PS335SyllabusFall2017

Carrie Walling’s Transitional Justice Syllabus Fall 2018: Carrie Walling SyllabusF18transitionaljustice

Carrie Walling’s Undergraduate Human Rights Syllabus 2019: Carrie Walling Undergrad HR19

Karen Zivi’s Introduction to Human Rights Syllabus (PLSHRT105)

Karen Zivi’s Theory & Practice of Rights 1 Syllabus

Karen Zivi’s Theory & Practice of Rights 2&3 Syllabus

The University of North Texas History Department’s Anti-Racism Syllabus