Pre-Recorded Presentations

If you are unable to attend your in-person panel in Seattle, APSA is excited to offer the new opportunity to pre-record your individual presentation. Pre-recorded presentations allow presenters to pre-record their 15-minute presentation in Zoom to share on the virtual meeting platform. Pre-recorded presenters will still receive feedback from panel discussants, and we will encourage them to work the video into discussions onsite and share relevant points from the onsite discussion with the pre-recorded presenters. This format also provides the opportunity to make your presentation available to a wider audience before, during, and after the conference, while also creating a polished presentation that you can save to your portfolio.

Please note that those who pre-record their presentation and are not attending in-person are eligible to register at the discounted virtual rate.

Sign up here to pre-record>>

The deadline to submit your pre-recording has been extended to Thursday, September 16th!

For individuals pre-recording their presentations, please send your paper to the session discussant(s) to receive their initial feedback in advance of the pre-record deadline.

For full sessions recording together as a group, please follow the same instructions from the pre-recording guide but record on Zoom together instead of individually. Please only submit one video if pre-recording as a group. To allow discussants adequate time to read papers and provide comments prior to the September pre-record deadline, we request those pre-recording their entire session work together to choose a date to pre-record your panel and a date for papers to be circulated by in advance of it.

Below are some general tips to aid in preparing and developing your pre-recorded presentation:

  • Please have your presentation finalized and ready to be used for your video. You will be recording with your slides up and camera on. We highly recommend using video to help engage with attendees. If you are unable to do so, you can record audio only using Zoom by having your camera off.
  • Create your presentation slides, if you’ll be using them. Download the APSA slide template>>
  • Practice your presentation in its entirety before beginning to record.
  • During your recording session, we recommend you have:
    • A computer with high speed and reliable internet access. Close other programs and applications before recording for best result.
    • Consider earbuds or headphones that can plug into your computer. If possible, please do not use a Bluetooth Headset or Apple Air Pods.
    • Quiet surroundings: please make sure you have set aside a time and space where you will not be disturbed by others.
  • Recordings should be around 15 minutes in length.
  • Review your recording before submitting it to ensure a quality video.

If you have any questions about pre-recording, please send an email to Lynanne Lowry at

FAQ and additional instructions on pre-recording, including how to pre-record and what the final product will look like, can be found using the guides linked below.

Pre-Recording FAQ

Pre-Recording Guide for Presenters 

Pre-Recording Guide for Discussants